The Shape GB app is simple and easy to use...




All you have to do is enter your height and weight and other personal information, such as where you shop. 

Then, wearing tight-fitting clothing take two photos (front and side view) and the body volume software identifies the body outlines to calculate the body measurements. No other hardware is needed and the photographs are deleted. 

In less than 30 seconds, the revolutionary new body volume software calculates your body measurements which are added to the National Sizing Survey anonymous database. 








How Does The Shape GB App Take Measurements? 

The ShapeGB app captures data using two photos processed as silhouette outlines. The software obtains measurements that simply can't be measured by human hand and works in the same way as a full body 3D scanner, using photonic or laser technology to measure the body in a stand-up booth.


The silhouette outline and 3D data are transmitted encrypted and saved on a secure server. The two photographs are deleted as soon as the silhouette outlines are processed. 

  • Kneel down so that the camera is level with the waist 

  • Keep the phone vertical

  • Rest your arm on your knee to reduce camera shake




  • Tie hair away from the back of the neck 

  • Make sure the base of your neck is visible when taking the side facing photo 

  • Keep your hairstyle minimal when tying back hair to make sure you have a smooth outline

  • Wear tight-fitting clothes that show your figure well

  • Leggings and skinny jeans are better than shorts or joggers

  • You don't need to worry about taking off jewelry or glasses, you may keep these on!


The Shape GB App