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Shape GB is a part public, part privately sponsored collaborative project between 6 major retailers, 5 Universities and a number of companies and organisations that specialise in retail sizing surveys. Phase 1 of Shape GB measured 2,500 boys and girls aged 4-17 across the country during 2010 using 3D Body Imaging Scanners, to accurately capture children's body measurements. A follow up survey for babywear and toddler sizing has now also been completed. 

The National Childrenswear Survey launched in 2009 is the first in a major series of sizing surveys planned for the next few years as part of Shape GB. The project is being managed by leading specialists in the area of 3D scanning for sizing surveys, Select Research. Select recruited 11,000 people for Size UK -  the last adult National Sizing Survey in 2001 and also managed major sizing projects for M&S, Next and Aristoc amongst others.

Buy 4- 17 Sizing Report

The Shape GB Children’s Sizing Report comprises a Summary Report as a practical guide for retailers, manufacturers and designers of children’s clothes. The 29-page report contains the following information:

  • Background to Shape GB and it’s objectives
  • Explanation of the data, it’s significance compared to previous data and an appraisal of the data
  • Distribution of designated sizes (e.g. waist, chest, hip etc) by Size 4 to Size 7 for boys and girls
  • Distribution of designated sizes (e.g. waist, chest, hip etc) by Size 8 to Size 16 for boys and girls
  • Mean body measurements by age for Boys and Girls aged 4-16
  • Mean body measurements by height for Boys and Girls aged 4-16
  • Shape GB technical fit form measurements for Boys aged 4-16
  • Shape GB technical fit form measurements for Girls aged 4-16
  • Representative images of technical fit forms

Buy 0-4 Babies/Toddlers Report

The ShapeGB Babies and Toddler Report contains information and data on over 600 babies and toddlers. 


The 60-page report contains the following information:-

  • Background on the project
  • Details of the sample recruited 
  • Description of the measurements collected for 0-3 year-olds
  • Description of the measurements collected for 3-4 year-olds
  • Visual illustrations of the measurements taken
  • Charts illustrating the range for specific measurements
  • Mean values for the measurements by age band

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