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The Shape GB app, designed and developed by 3D measurement pioneers, Select Research. Who over the last 22 years have been commissioned to lead a number of UK based sizing surveys. Sponsored by six major retailers and involving leading universities, Shape GB is the first large-scale project to measure adults across the country using an app.


The first Shape GB project was a major research project to re-assess children's body measurements, seven years since the last National Sizing Survey measured men and women. Sponsored by major retailers and involving leading Universities, Shape GB is the first large-scale project to measure children across the country using 3D body scanners for 4-17-year-olds. The 3D scanners are completely safe, do not use radiation and cannot see through clothing. Manual techniques were used for data collection on Phase 2 - for measurement of babies and toddlers.

The National Childrenswear Survey is in two Phases, the first Phase of which is a collaboration between NextMonsoonGeorge at ASDAShop Direct, The University of HertfordshireManchester Metropolitan UniversityLoughborough University, The University of Hull, Aston University and Select Research, specialists in 3D scanning and sizing surveys.

Phase 1 of Shape GB measured boys and girls aged 4-17 across the country during 2010 using 3D Body Imaging Scanners. The data gathered has provided a more sophisticated means of measuring and analysing children’s body measurements and has identified the differences in height and body shape between children of different ages.

Phase 2, also sponsored by the six retailers, involves manual measurement of babies and toddlers aged 0-4, the results of which are available. This website provides information about the project.



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